Welcome to the website of the Mandela School of Science & Technology, Mvezo’s first secondary school.

This school gives young people the opportunity to improve the quality of life – not only for themselves, but for generations to come. It is located in Mvezo, a village on the banks of the Mbashe River in the Eastern Cape. It is also the birthplace of Nkosi Dalibhunga Mandela. His lifelong dream to build a secondary school in the village of his birth was made possible by Siemens, the Mvezo Development Trust and the South African Department of Education. With a focus on engineering, science, technology and agriculture, the Mandela School of Science & Technology empowers students with the knowledge and the skills to change their world. Siemens, the electrical engineering and electronics firm and the world’s largest provider of environmental technologies, has provided the necessary funding and has built the school. The Mvezo Development Trust, was set up by the Chief Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela and a council of two headmen and representatives in order to bring economic development to the people of the community.

School emblem

The school emblem was designed by Siemens with input from the local community. It takes the form of a traditional Xhosa shield (with the local flora) split into three parts by a wind turbine. The top section represents the village of Mvezo, the left and right sections highlight the science and technology focus of the school.
The school motto developed by local community members is: Education is Freedom inspired by the famous quote of Nkosi Dalibhunga Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.


Mandela School of Science & Technology – The School educating the next generation of South African leaders who are going to change the world.


The Mandela School of Science & Technology strives to provide a nurturing educational environment where pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds are able to acquire knowledge, develop their skills and have an equal opportunity to build the sustainable future of South Africa, and the world.


Courage: Students act bravely and ethically for the greater good of society. The courage to stand for what is right.
Curiosity: Students must have inquiring minds. To be open to knowledge and new ideas from the world around them, in order to change it for the better. They must demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning, respect their teachers and have discipline at school.
Compassion: Students must show compassion towards all people from different cultural and social backgrounds. They must have respect for humanity and the environment.
Service: Students must have a passion to serve the community and develop a lifelong commitment to make the world around them a better place.


History 1
Peter Loescher, former CEO of Siemens AG, makes a commitment to Nelson Mandela to support the building of a school in Mvezo.
History 2
A first highlight is the groundbreaking ceremony with Sigi Proebst, CEO of South Africa, and members of the community.
History 3
On International Mandela Day, various volunteers meet the local community in Mvezo as part of the 67 minutes volunteering campaign.
History 4
The construction of the school starts.
History 5
The Werner von Siemens Resource Centre is ready to receive concrete.
History 6
The excavations for the classroom blocks commence.
History 7
Community members are diligently helping to build the school.
History 8
The school hall is taking shape with foundations completed.
History 9
The yellow rondavel in the back houses the original Nkwenkwezi Primary School. It will remain on the premises of the Mandela School of Science & Technology.
History 11
Eastern Cape Premier Ms Noxolo Kiviet visits the building site.
History 13
Xhosa Women are starting to add the finishing touches.
History 14
Community members are multi-skilled in short skills like bricklaying, plastering, carpentry and plumbing.
History 15
The construction is well under way.
History 16
The school uses renewable energy such as wind turbines.
History 17
Administration building, school hall, sports pavilion and Werner von Siemens Resource Centre are completed.
History 18
On Mandela Day, Minister Motshekga, provincial officials, community leaders and Siemens executives, contribute 67 minutes of community service at the school.
History 19
Parents and learners of the feeder schools get informed about the Mandela School and its curriculum.
History 20
Solar panels are installed on the class room buildings.
History 21
Class rooms and laboratories are almost ready to use.
Tree of Wisdom
The Tree of Wisdom with quotes from Nelson Mandela has been erected.
420 learners start classes
420 learners start classes.
On 17 January, the school was officially opened by President Jacob Zuma, Chief Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela and Siegmar Proebstl, CEO Siemens Southern Africa.
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How an idea became reality

In July 2010, Siemens’ global former CEO Peter Löscher visited South Africa for the 150 year celebrations of the company’s business activities in the country. During that visit he had the honour of meeting Nkosi Dalibhunga Mandela. Madiba told Löscher about his dream of building a high school in Mvezo, the village of his birth. Löscher thought it a worthy cause that would make a real and positive impact.

Siemens is proud to be able to support and be involved in such a significant project. The Mandela School of Science & Technology will change the lives of the children and the community of Mvezo as well as its surrounding areas for the better.

This state-of-the-art school focuses on science and technology – it is what Siemens as an electrical engineering company stands for and believes in. The Mandela School of Science & Technology will help create the right spirit and enthusiasm around future technologies. Furthermore, the children will learn in an environmentally friendly school: it features wind and solar energy, energy-efficient lighting, automation systems, rainwater capture and water filtration technologies.

Madiba has always been such a strong advocate of education. His belief that ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ is embodied here. This is why the school motto is “Education is Freedom”. The Mandela School of Science & Technology adds to his incredible legacy.