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Teachers’ accommodation Mandela School of Science & Technology provides accommodation for twelve teachers, which is located on the school premises. As Mvezo is a remote area with the next town, Mthatha, being 60 km away, the school offers its teachers a close and comfortable home. It further benefits the school atmosphere: Teachers will feel part of the community and learners will have their teachers nearby.
Water and energyThe Mandela School of Science & Technology was developed according to the sustainability principles of Siemens. It features wind and solar energy, energy-efficient lighting, automation systems, rainwater capture and water filtration technologies. The school thereby sets an example in environmental responsibility.
Werner von Siemens Resource CentreThe school’s state-of-the-art resource centre is named after the renowned founder of Siemens, Werner von Siemens. It houses two computer labs, an engineering design lab and a library. Fully embracing the school’s motto “Education is Freedom”, they are equipped with innovative technologies and plenty of research material, giving students the unique opportunity to further enhance their knowledge.
School hallThe school hall with its adjacent outdoor assembly area has room for all of the 700 learners. The school hall is used for assemblies, concerts or award ceremonies.
Original Primary School The community members of Mvezo asked that the original Nkwenkwezi Primary School, a small yellow rondavel located on the site where the Mandela School of Science & Technology has been built to remain on the school premises. It will serve as a reminder of how far Mvezo has come and what can be achieved when the community works together. The future looks bright!
ClassroomsThree blocks of two-storey classrooms are available for the school’s learners. They form 25 rooms in total, which will be necessary once the full capacity of 700 students is reached. MSST will follow the national curriculum. The Department of Education and Siemens have identified four sets of specialised subject streams that allow learners to focus on engineering, science, technology or agriculture in their last phase of schooling.
Ablution Facilities The school has wet and dry ablution facilities, helping to conserve water
Sports fieldsThe netball and football fields are essential to the school. The curriculum will assure that the learners will get enough exercise during their school week. The sports pavilion gives parents, teachers and fellow students the opportunity to escape from the sun and watch practices and games in the afternoons and on weekends.
Administration Building The school’s administration building is a central point for all teachers, children and parents to meet. It will house the reception, the school principal’s office, staff room and a sick bay.